On Turning 30

by becomingbethany


This is a reminder of love and grace and community experienced and recognized for the truly beautiful and undeserved gift it is.

I had been feeling apprehensive about turning 30. My 20s were marked by the highest highs and lowest lows in my life so far. I found myself exiting them with some deep disappointments but also with pride at how much I have grown and accomplished through them. Still, I was not sure how I felt about starting a brand new decade – especially alone.

But this weekend was such a moving reminder of how not alone I am. I was loved and cared for and celebrated in a thousand ways by so many people who are so dear to me. Even when I thought the festivities were over, I was surprised by yet another celebration apparently months in the planning. (image above)

I am left humbled and moved, grateful and a little shaken (in a good way) by the incredible people I know and who know me and love me so well. New friends, old friends, and friends who have woven in and out of my life through different seasons of both of our lives.

I am not alone. I have never been left completely alone. While I have been busy focusing on personal healing and wholeness and new purpose, very quietly a great strength has been building around me – in my community. A strength I had never expected or really looked for but that I need to learn to lean on more. I have been asking for a glimpse of my future and I hope it looks a whole lot like this.

My desire for my 30s is to learn not only how to love and care for my community better but also how to more fully and graciously accept and receive the love and care of those around me. May it be a gift freely given AND received.