Living in the Long Sigh

The satisfied sigh when you reach the top of a mountain but you know there is still a long hike back down.

The sigh that comes when you have just unloaded all the furniture and boxes into your new house but you know you still need to unpack and set-up your new home.

The sigh that accompanies the completion of one project and you know there are three more waiting for your attention.

The sigh that accompanies the end of the paperwork of an unwanted divorce and you know there is still so much closure yet to come.

The sigh when a loved one who has been suffering has moved on to the afterlife but you are left to grieve.

The thankful sigh when you are wheeled out of a successful surgery trying not to think too hard about all of the recuperation and healing yet to do.

The sigh of revolutionaries who have ousted the dictator but now have the difficult task of re-building their country.

The relieved sigh when a violent storm has passed but now you need to begin to repair the damage to your home and property.

The long sigh when you have made it through a challenging period of life and are wondering if you have the energy for whatever comes next.