A List of Loves

by becomingbethany

When I think about love, it looks like:

a page filled with a dear one’s handwriting.

a father rocking his croupy baby late into the night.

a granddaughter sitting and listening to her grandfather’s slow speech as he imparts one one more memory for her to keep.

a mother snuggling and savoring every moment she gets with her terminally ill baby.

a proud man excitedly embracing his wife in celebration of her promotion or award.

a woman waiting up late for her husband to get home from a long, exhausting day at work just so they can have time to talk.

an adult son standing in the kitchen with his mother listening to her tell him about her week.

a grandson holding his grandmother’s hand after his grandfather’s passing.

an adult daughter frantically calling her parents at 2am with an emergency because she know they will always wake up for her.

the smiling face of a woman holding up a positive pregnancy test for her partner to see.

a couple weeping together as they mourn a dead dream.

a card from your sister because she knows you are having a rough week.

the knitted eyebrows of a lover honestly sharing his deepest thoughts.

a couple running down the aisle together after vowing their lives to one another.

your brothers lovingly teasing you about childhood stories well into your adult years.

the clenched fists and pained face of a woman delivering her child.

the glow and contentment in a man’s eyes when he see the woman he loves.

an elderly father waiting on his front porch for his son to come visit.