Favorite Things 2014

by becomingbethany

These are my favorite films/TV shows/podcasts that I discovered this year. I am fully aware that some of these would not even be qualified as “good”. This is NOT a “best of” list. It’s a favorites list.

(Note: These were just the favorites that I *discovered* this year. There are on-going shows that still claim a spot on my all-time favorite list.)

1. Dear White People
2. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
3. Leviathan
4. Boyhood
5. The Internet’s Own Boy

1. The Good Wife
2. The Honorable Woman
3. Scandal
(Re-reading this list, I guess I was really looking for shows with strong leading ladies.)

1. Serial
2. The Liturgists
3. Strangers
4. On Being
5. Reply All
(I had the hardest time keeping this list to just 5. I feel like some of the best storytelling is on podcasts right now.)