Winter Greys

This feels like a very long winter.  I live in a Mediterranean climate so I know I shouldn’t complain but I’ve been wearing my grey wool coat everyday for 3 full months now.  I try to change it up a little with a different scarf.  My husband got me the sweetest red leather gloves for Christmas too!  And under my coat, I’m wearing sweet winter ensembles but every morning on my way out the door I put on the same grey coat.  It covers up my dark pink turtleneck sweater (with ruffles!) or my bright blue blouse that matches my wooly plaid pants (itchy and warm!) or my green sweater and brown African bead necklace (a gift from my sister!).  But it’s all underneath my grey wool coat and I’m getting quite bored of that coat.

Am I ready for spring? Oh yes, please!  But in the midst of the grey of the winter, I’m reminded of all the beautiful colors that are covered up in each one of us.  I don’t enjoy teaching but I do enjoy getting to know my students.  We start with, “Hello.  What’s your name?” and progress to “What do you do?” and many months later I may be able to ask, “What’s your favorite movie and why?”.  Though this process can seem a little tedious at times, it is never boring.  Each student, no matter how boring or grey he or she seems at the first lesson, eventually reveals a world of color.  Like the student whose career is mechanical designing (still don’t know what it is but she sure loves her job!) or the student who is 65 and his favorite hobby is gardening with his wife (meanwhile sharing reading glasses with his wife in class!) or the student who has worked very hard to become a doctor but whose real delight is discussing current events (well, and also the latest conspiracy theory!).  So many colors.  It’s really astonishing sometimes.

May we always look for spring.