Creativity = Delight

This past year of my life has been probably the most momentous to date.  Last year at this time I was furiously planning a wedding.  Since then I have finished one school year of teaching, gotten married, been on a great six-week (!) honeymoon, started a second school year of teaching, moved into two new homes with my husband, and a few other things I’m not remembering right now.

Though planning a wedding is quite the creative endeavor, apart from that, I’m not sure that I have made anything for quite some time.  I have been mulling over this for a while, wondering what aspects if creativity I should pursue.  But to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling kind of tired.  Worn out from a year full of life changes, most of which have been incredibly wonderful, but big changes none the less.  My spirit is a little weary.

But I was reminded yesterday that creativity is supposed to be a refreshing, pleasurable experience.  Father Capon in his book “Light Theology & Heavy Cream” remarks, “the root of all creativity…whether of the divine, strictly ex nihilo variety or of the human, less strict, out-of-thin-air sort, is one thing and one thing only: delight.  The great world exists because it is the apple of God’s eye–because he says ‘Good!’…And the lesser worlds we make by our words–our poiemata, our poems, whether of science, art, or craft–all likewise exist because somewhere a poet could be found to speak them into the dance of her delight.”

Looking forward to using words for delight a little more frequently now.  I’ll let you know how it goes.