Trivial Beauty

by becomingbethany

It’s been a while since I’ve had a completely self-indulgent post so I think I deserve one.  And also, people seem to respond more to my completely silly posts than my trying-to-be-all-philosophical-and-profound posts.  (Does that sound self-obsessed enough?)

Anyway, I wandered into a clothing store (not Anthropologie) the other day because I was bored and they had interesting window dressing.  I was not planning on buying anything and then I saw these headbands:

peacock headband

turquoise headband

I have always like peacock feathers.  I think it is because of the colors and the way that they seem to invoke bygone eras.  The current trend of headbands with decoration on the side comes off as very classy (as opposed to little girlish) and is more flattering to most women’s faces.

Alas, these headbands were $24 (and that’s before California’s ridiculously high sales tax) which just seemed a little excessive for a headband with a few feathers glued on so I backed away slowly and left the store.  I’m hoping to maybe find one in a knock-off fashion store.

Now, was that trivial enough?  Can little things like trendy headbands even deserve the word beauty attached to them?