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Month: December, 2008

Time for Creativity: Is it Necessary?

At the end of school, two weeks ago, I wrote more pages than I can remember right now. I was working on a script, essays, and final reflections. Somehow I got it all done but I can’t remember most of what I actually wrote. I was writing so much that I became very disengaged from my writing. I just kept typing letters into words and letting sentences form almost on their own. I didn’t really feel like any of me was actually in the writing. But all of my professors approved what I turned in. I don’t think that’s because I am a phenomenal writer. I think it’s because I was in such a habit of writing that I could write without being very personally involved with my writing.

That kind of writing is not very fun though. It feels more like washing dishes than creating art. I had a chore (to write) and I did it. Something was missing when I was not personally emotionally involved in the process. Yet I was still able to produce something of at least a little value (it got me the grades I wanted!).

So now I am wondering how much time and space is actually necessary for creativity. Now that I am a couple weeks removed from finals crunch, I am starting to feel creative again. I am thinking of short stories and script ideas I would LIKE to work on. But I am wondering if they will be any better than the stuff I wrote because it was assigned to me. How much time, space, and emotional involvement is essential to good writing?


Dreaming of a white Christmas

Writing again.  But looking at this instead and wishing I could be there tromping through the quiet trees.

snowy park