Pretty things

by becomingbethany

I am writing a paper right now (literally.  My Word document is minimized on my screen as I type this).  I have this problem with writing papers.  I LOVE the research part of papers.  I like reading, and thinking, and reading some more, and collecting ideas from various sources, and deciding which viewpoints I agree with, and interupting my roommates with my latest epiphanies, and then reading some more.  Yes, I like research.  But after the research, I have to actually write the paper.  This is the part that I find boring.  I have already decided what I think about the topic and quite honestly, most of the time I don’t really care about persuading anyone else of my opinion.  But there is no way for professors to grade me on my thoughts unless I write them down.

So right now I am writing a paper.  I can only stare and the black and white screen for so long before I get bored of the sight of it.  So I have to take a break to look at something a little lovelier.  Usually this means I stand up and go outside to look at clouds or at least glance out my window at a tree or something.  However, sometimes an outside view is not easily accesible so I have to find some other pretty thing to look at.

Lately I have discovered that my favorite store has an online catalog.   I discovered this over the summer when the theme for their catalog was a Middle Eastern market.  I have an appreciation for pretty things and for the Middle East so when they stuck them both in the same place I was very appreciative.  What in the world does this have to do with writing papers?  Well, at the moment instead of writing my paper I am looking at this.  Trains AND pretty clothes!  I have this weird affinity for trains.  One of my dream trips is to take The Orient Express along its historic route.  And beautiful coats!  I really like a nice coat.


Okay,  that’s enough of a break and enough of sighing over pretty things.  Time to go back to the paper.

P.S. I apologize to those male readers who may have found this post a little boring.  I will not talk about clothes often.  Just pretty clothes, and mostly just because they’re pretty.