Sound and Fury

by becomingbethany

My mom heard about this film somewhere so she ordered it since we can rarely find documentaries in Turkey.  (I know.  My last posts were about a documentary film FESTIVAL in Turkey, but I think that’s fairly rare.)  Anyway, we watched it as a family on Friday evening and it was really fascinating!

Sound and Fury follows the decisions of two families of whether or not to give their deaf children cochlear implants.  I never realized that there would even be a decision involved in whether or not to give your child hearing.  Apparently there is a very big debate though among the deaf community because many are concerned that cochlear implants will destroy deaf culture.  (No, I had never heard of deaf culture either.)

My family has still been talking about this film.  It was really, really thought-provoking.  It also lead to a lot of questions about the issue of extracting any person from his/her own culture.  Is it ever a good idea?

After a short internet search I found that a follow-up film has been made.  I’ll have to see about getting a copy of that too!