What I think about American movies

by becomingbethany

I never do these things but I thought this one was fun because it is based on the AFI’s top 100 list.

1) Your favorite 5 movies that are on the list:

– It’s a Wonderful Life

– Rear Window

– Casablanca

– Amadeus

– Forrest Gump
2) 5 Movies on the list that you didn’t like at all:

– Dr. Strangelove

– Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

– Some Like It Hot

– Chinatown

– The Birth of a Nation

3) 5 Movies on the List You haven’t seen but want to:

– A Street Car Named Desire

– Treasure of the Sierra Madre

-The African Queen

-The Bridge on the River Kwai

-Sunset Boulevard

4) 5 Movies on the List that you haven’t seen and have no interest in seeing:

– Bonnie & Clyde

– Goodfellas

– The Deer Hunter

– A Clockwork Orange

– M*A*S*H
5) Your Favorite 5 Movies That Aren’t On the List:

(I’m restricting it to American made films since that is what the AFI list is about.)

– Finding Neverland

– Hotel Rwanda

– Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

– Little Miss Sunshine

– Everything is Illuminated

I hereby meme any writer who is needing something else to do while procrastinating.